Sunday, February 15, 2015

Benefit From Business Coaching

Do you want to accelerate your success? Is it taking longer to reach your goals than you planned? Do you need a system to keep yourself accountable?

Million Dollar Coaching Solutions is what you need. Our Business Coaches work with BUSINESS OWNERS, PROFESSIONALS, ENTREPRENEURS, MANAGERS and CEO’s who want more from their business and their lives. Our business coaches are skilled to work with you on financial management, business development, creation and implementation of business systems, marketing, customer service and leadership skills. They offer you support and guidance. You will establish action plans, which will assist you in reaching your goals. Your Growth Success Business Coach will give you the tools to successfully grow your business.

How Coaching Relates to ConsultingBusiness coaching is a form of consulting. In a typical consulting relationship, the consultant is hired to solve a specific problem or create a result in a specific area of a business. In coaching, a business coach stays with the client and works to create the vision and identify goals for their business. Then the coach identifies the strategies and provides guidance and support through confidential, regularly scheduled coaching sessions to implement the plan and get the desired results.

Develop Vision and Achieve GoalsOur clients like the opportunity to be able to plan and reflect in a confidential, supportive environment. As business leaders and professionals, there may be times when you feel overwhelmed, like no one understands or everyone has their own interests to protect. We can be your objective sounding board. You can use the time to brainstorm and get feedback on your ideas. If you feel that you are running in a hundred different directions, we can help you develop systems and work with you so you are more focused and accountable. Creating systems allows you greater freedom to do what you want to do in your business and life.

How Business Coaching Works:Individual and Group coaching sessions available
Coaching is done through regularly scheduled telephone calls
Coaching calls are arranged for two hours each month.
Individual coaching sessions are offered monthly in one-120 minute, two-60 minute, or three-40 minute sessions. Group coaching sessions meet for one hour, twice a month. Groups are limited to 8 people with similar interests. You decide which is best for you.

Full Support Provided:
Call in from a comfortable, convenient location in your business or home.
Unlimited support through e-mail between coaching calls.
We work with clients all across North America.

Benefits of working with a MDCS Business Coach:Greater focus and accountability
Set and reach higher goals
Eliminate procrastination which holds you back
More time to do what you enjoy
Take control of your business rather than it controlling you
Reduce stress
Improved decision making skills
Increase efficiency and productivity

As a result of working with A Million Dollar Coaching Solutions Business Coach, your business will grow and will become more profitable. You will also have more time to do what you want with your business and life.

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