Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Coaching Is For Everybody - Coaching Is For You!

I challenge you to name one person who could not benefit from having a Personal Success Coach in their corner? Today having a coach is viewed as a necessity and an advantage by entrepreneurs, CEO’s, businesses, athletes, celebrities, professionals and all sorts of people looking to live life by design and not by default.

Coaching benefits people who desire to grow and want to be their very best in all areas of their lives. To work with a coach is to acknowledge and make an investment in your most valuable asset - yourself. You have one life to live, why not make it the best that you can?

It is interesting how many people place greater importance on assets, such as cars, homes, clothing and belongings over their marriages, families, health or personal development. We invest more time, importance and energy into planning our vacations than into planning our lives?

We live in a society where advertisers or others tell us how we should live and we give up our health to gain our wealth and later in life we spend our wealth to try and regain our health?

Today more than 97% of the population do not passionately love what they do for a living? In our busy world people have lost touch with their own uniqueness, values and identities and many live in fear.

A coach is a trusted partner, a dedicated advocate and a driving catalyst towards forward movement, greater understanding, perspective, clarity and focus. A coach provides a safe and strong platform for discovery, accelerated living, learning and personal development. A coach is a confidant, without a personal agenda and is not there to judge but to support and encourage.

A coach works with clients for a myriad of reasons including to overcome challenges, to identify, set, prioritize and realize important goals and dreams, to move towards an impossible future, to find balance and meaning in life, to work through challenging transitions and change, to strategize, to formulate effective action plans, to initiate or facilitate breakthroughs, to provide much needed accountability and feedback and to listen and discuss private matters in complete confidence, that under normal circumstances a person would be reluctant to share with anyone.

A coaching relationship is a collaboration at the highest level. Life is full of important decisions. It is not easy to step out of the box, to break away from our comfort zones and televisions, or to move away from what appears safe and secure. Life is full of peaks, valleys and plateaus and a coach is a climbing partner, there to champion your unique mission in life, to ensure that you realize your full potential and to help you find what makes your heart sing - your passion in life.
For most people there is a significant gap between where they are and where they want to be and a coach is there to help you bridge that gap. If you don’t have a gap, you may be resting on a plateau, or sleeping on the sidelines of life, accepting less than you deserve or are capable of? A coach is there to expand your vision and to assist you in moving toward and realizing what is most important to you.

Some people may ask, “Do I really need a coach?” Perhaps a better question would be, “Do I deserve a coach?” or “How could I benefit from a coach?” Did Tiger Woods need a coach? Many would answer no, although he would beg to differ. Coaching took his game to the highest level, it went beyond dollars and was about being the best that he could be and frankly it worked and today no one can deny his dominance of the game.

Who doesn’t deserve to play the game of life at the highest level, to be happier and more fulfilled? There is absolutely no one in the world like you and there will never be another – Carpe Diem – Seize the day!

You owe yourself the opportunity of having a Success Coach on your personal team and I encourage you to call today to get started.

Committed to your success and happiness,

Coach Rory